Overcome Limitations of Training with Online HR Software

Organizations invest millions of dollars every year on training and development. The intention behind training…

Organizations invest millions of dollars every year on training and development. The intention behind training is to improve the quality of work of employees and and help them develop better service/products for clients. However it has been observed that this investment is squandered due to various reasons like poor implementation, faulty methods, imperfect program design, and more. This article will explore the reasons of failed trainings and look at ways to overcome the problems.

Unclear reasons for training

Every training session has a purpose behind it. It can be to change a process, to start new business or to make employees knowledgeable. Many a time the reasons for a training session is not very clear to the the one who conducts it or to the one who goes through it. Hence the outcome is not fruitful and training fails. It involves loss of money, energy, and time. First clearly identify and define the business objective behind training for best results.

Lack of commitment from top management

One of the main reasons why training sessions fails is the non-commitment from top management. Top management is always aware of the strategic objectives and training should be based on and complement these objectives. If the objectives are not clear then the purpose of training will never be fulfilled. Thus senior management intervention and commitment is very necessary for the success of trainings.

Lack of trainee involvement

Any training session should be like a two way conversation. Trainers and trainees both must participate equally in a training session. It has been observed that many times external trainers are brought to make a drastic change in the company. In such cases, the trainees have no rapport with the trainer and this can result in reduced participation which makes the training a failure. The training module has to be well designed by the trainer and he/she should look to involve trainees to know what exactly they want.

Online HR software helps overcome training limitations

Set the training objectives and use online HR software to organize and implement training programs are per requirements. Interact with top level management to know the changes they require in the process and schedule trainings accordingly. Conduct tests after each session and gauge their level of understanding and involvement.

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