Sales-Marketing Automation Only Generates ROI if Your People Use It

Regardless of the CRM solution you choose, if your people use it the system will deliver the ROI you seek. To help make sure that happens, here are three ?buying mindsets? to adopt when sourcing solutions:

  • Build custom systems
    Your sales and marketing teams have unique challenges and strengths. Your CRM system should be built to emphasize those strengths and overcome the challenges. Plus, you need to demystify technical complexity for your users to drive up usage. So define those strengths and weaknesses completely before investing in a sales & marketing automation software. Which solutions will best customize themselves to your needs? Would customizable sales quotes be important? How about managing your own sales opportunities ?
  • Retain adaptability to change
    If you plan to grow, plan ahead by adopting an adaptable system. SaaS-based solutions that are inexpensive to install and update automatically take all that administrative overhead off your plate (and out of your budget!) Yet you gain immense ability to grow quickly, because adding users and features is so easy to do. Seek that flexibility when shopping systems.
  • Get your people to use the systems
    The success of any IT system is tied to user adoption. User-friendly interfaces are a critical component of success in this area. You don?t want training to be an ongoing administrative burden (think ?big help desk needed?)*, so intuitive dashboards and input screens are standard features of great software solutions that you should demand.

Company-wide buy-in for your new systems will give you your full return on a CRM investment. Careful definition of what system features you need (and don?t need) will set you up for success!

*Although we can help simplify that function, too.

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