SutiExpense New Features Round Up

Here are some new features of the latest version of SutiExpense that will enhance user experience in working with the application:


  • OCR technology is used to read the receipt data and the read data can be edited if required.
  • You can add transactions made from your personal card to your expense report. This enables you to use a personal credit card for business transactions and then submit claims for reimbursement.
  • We understand that each expense will have more than one receipt, which is why we are allowing you to upload multiple expense receipts to a line item. Also, there is no tax limit. You can configure as many taxes as required for a line item.
  • Organizations can define the approval workflow for expense categories. For instance, all the travel expenses can be configured to be sent to the travel manager for approval. Likewise, you can set up rule-based approval flows for different categories.
  • You can set up dynamic workflow in your organization, which means you can allow your employees to select approvers for their expenses.
  • You can add multiple round trips to an expense report.
  • The application lets finance managers and approvers edit expense line items. Administrators can customize this feature as per the business requirement.
  • You can restrict cash advance workflow for specific users and categories.
  • You can get e-receipts from vendors such as Uber and Starbucks so that you will have all those receipts saved in the repository.
  • The application has been integrated with a travel itinerary system so that all the bookings made will be directly saved in the application for future reference.

Apart from these features, we are working on few other features to make the SutiExpense application more customizable and user-specific.