SutiExpense New Features Roundup

We keep adding new features to SutiExpense to meet our customers’ needs more effectively. Here is a roundup of the new features that have been added to our expense management software solution:

Automatic expense report scheduling

An option to send an email to all the employees to submit their expense reports has been added to our application. In this way, employees can be notified when they are supposed to submit the expense reports.

Sync travel data to expense reports

Our solution allows you to synchronize the travel information to the expense report so that there is no need for you to manually input the travel related expenses. As travel expenses get automatically imported, there is no scope for fraud and human errors.

Receipt drag and drop option

Now you can simply drag and drop a receipt and add to the new expense line item without manually adding it.

Vehicle configuration

Our solution gives you an option to configure both company as well as personal car expenses in the line item so that you can keep a record of vehicle expenses.

Moving expense line items

The most recent version of our solution allows you to move the same expense line items from one report to the other report. This would help you when you want to include the same expense line items in more than one report. This would certainly save your time and eliminate the need to manually enter the same expense items repeatedly.

Matching transactions

Whenever you are trying to enter a transaction that exists in the My Transactions section, the application will prompt you saying that the transaction can be retrieved from there. This would save your time.

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