SutiHR’s Recruitment, Benefits, Time Management, Document, and Personnel Modules Have Been Updated

HR professionals always want cutting-edge technology to simplify their core administrative tasks. At SutiSoft, we keep an eye on the developments in HR, and include the latest and most useful features that keep you up-to-date.


While creating a requisition, HR administrator can select pay type as “salary or hourly” in position details section

Earlier, HR administrators can only view the resume submission data, but with the latest enhancements, they can also view at what time the resume was submitted

Email templates: The system provides a few default templates. Based upon the requirement, HR administrator can customize those emails

Job portal metrics helps view how many people visited the job portal, how many searched for a particular position, how many people went to the application page, how many submitted a job application, and how many people left without filling the application

Time Management:

Latest timesheet pop-up provides a detailed summary of an employee’s paid hours (time off, worked and holiday hours)

When auto lunch deduction option is enabled, based upon the time rule setting the application automatically deducts lunch hours from an employee’s worked hours


HR administrator and employees can view the benefits deduction log for a particular pay period

While enrolling benefits, employees can now easily view all the supporting documents of a particular plan

401K plans can be carry forwarded to the next pay period while generating benefits and deductions


HR administrator can now view the privileges given to an employee along with employee’s role


The new version includes CKEditor, content creation becomes easy for HR administrators

They can now create employees’ experience details without any hassle.

For more details, please visit the SutiHR page.

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