SutiWEM: One Solution to Manage Your Corporate Mobile Expenses

In this digital era most of the organizations are using a wide array of mobile devices to perform core business activities. Enterprise mobility takes a significant portion of a business’ cost of operation. In order to control mobile expenses, have better visibility and control over wireless expense, and save costs, enterprises need an advanced wireless expense management solution.

SutiWEM manages the most important phases of mobile communications lifecycle such as inventory management, auditing, invoice processing, expense management, optimization and analytics associated with all these activities. Organizations can gain high visibility and control over their mobile expenses across operators, locations and departments.

It is difficult for any organization to understand the details of various lines, the features and functions of all the devices and services. Asset and usage tracking is complex, but it is necessary to ensure that they are being charged only for the appropriate number and right usage of products and services. Automated software simplifies this process – you can always keep tabs on which assets you own at any given moment of time. It offers efficient inventory and device management so that you can better forecast future expenses and reuse existing devices more effectively.

The software offers an array of reports that help analyze calls, control budgets and minimize accounting overhead. With real-time reporting and analytics, organizations can evaluate plans for optimal adjustments and track mobile expenses. The end-to-end solution easily integrates with your existing order management, asset management, and invoice management systems to help you effectively manage your domestic and global mobile expenses.

SutiWEM-S enables organizations to view their billing data, discover spending patterns, manage their budgets effectively, and request new plans/services – all from a single user-friendly, self-service online portal.