SutiWProcure: Manage Enterprise Mobility from a Single Console

Are you implementing a new employee mobility program, make sure that you have the right technology in place that can identify and track all wireless devices accessing your network. It should help you streamline the administrative tasks for all mobile devices used by your employees, providing the flexibility to support various mobile enrollment policies, all from a single console. SutiWProcure is that kind- the solution helps you implement the best practices and achieve your goals of increasing mobile efficiency and productivity while accommodating changing needs.

The system eliminates the complexities in device procurement, reduces administrative burden and helps you establish enterprise mobility with low total-cost-of-ownership. By using this solution, you can provide a secure business work space on all devices (laptops, smartphones or tablets) your employees use- regardless of who owns them. The solution provides high visibility into each and every transaction with detailed reporting that can be separated by department.

Mobile device management helps you prepare strategies and infrastructure for rapidly growing employee demands while protecting business data. The system also allows you to add capabilities as your Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program expands and your needs change. Robust security controls ensure business data integrity and regulatory compliance.

Self-service functionality enables you to empower your employees with self-provisioning, management, and reporting tools. It also allows your IT team to define employee’s rights and permissions for self-service based on their role.

SutiWProcure offers end-to-end capabilities you need to enable enterprise mobility, optimize infrastructure and maintain high data security, and provide the mobile applications that employees need to do their job. SaaS model provides instant access to the latest features without the burden of hardware installation, software updates, and maintenance.