The Guide to Hiring Great People for a Growing Organization – Part Two

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Share the postIn the last post, we identified hiring people smarter than you and emphasizing…

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In the last post, we identified hiring people smarter than you and emphasizing on quality instead of qualifications as two ways you can hire great people for your growing organization. In this post, we’ll look at some more.

Positive attitude:

This is something that most recruiters fail to give importance to. In an organization, especially a growing one, you want employees who are raring to get to work instead of people who come to office on Mondays with a grim expression and a sad smile, saying, “God! I hate Mondays.”

Such people, apart from not giving their best, also pull down the morale of others. After all, when working in a team, attitude is contagious. If you fill your organization with people who have a positive one, you are likely to see better results than if you hire those with a negative one.

Gauging interest:

When it comes to a growing organization, you want everyone to work hard and take on more responsibilities. And this zeal to take on more work and do more for the organization comes only when the employee has interest and passion towards his/her job and the organization.

Instead of randomly picking those who seem to be qualified or experienced, gauge the candidate’s interest before hiring. You could employ some tactics to see whether the employee is interested or not. Point out the potential pitfalls in the job.

If the employee replies positively saying that these things are to be taken in stride and work is more important, that is the person you want. Or offer them a trial period. If a candidate is interested in the position, he/she will take it.

Do it yourself:

And lastly, do not farm out hiring to an underling or the HR. Do it yourself. No one can represent your organization and what it stands for better than you.

You don’t want the wrong sort of communication going out nor do you want to miss out on the chance of meeting potential rockstars.

Happy hiring!

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