The Impact of Mobile & Cloud Solutions on your Enterprise

Enterprises look for more ways to automate operations and simplify their business processes. Of all the latest technological inventions, cloud and mobile together drive speed and efficiency in any organization to a greater extent. This has become true in almost all the areas, especially in expense management.

Expense management is one of the most critical areas where faster accessibility to data is highly important. Putting all the essential data in cloud will not only let you access information as and when required but also gives you total control over it. Cloud solutions can be efficiently tailored to your specific needs while cutting down the costs associated with the resources and installation processes.

Mobile has evolved as another key aspect for every industry. As the trend of smart phones continues to rise, most people are giving importance to responsive applications that support mobile access. Today, mobile has become the game changer with the increase in the percentage of smart phone users. Supporting both mobile and cloud-based functionality, SutiExpense will automate your business expenses while providing convenience for both enterprises and end-users.

SutiExpense is a cloud-based solution that offers innumerable benefits to organizations with its comprehensive features. Our solution lets you easily create expense reports, handle expenses, match receipts, and automate end-to-end expense processes. Users can create an expense report or request and route it for approval to the appropriate person. Since our solution is cloud-based, you can centralize the data, thus providing greater accessibility. Our solution also works in offline mode; you can create an expense report and enter the data even in offline. All the reports you have created can be synchronized with our expense report solution whenever you are online. In this way, mobile and cloud features not only add synergy to your process but also take your business to the next level.