Expense Report Software

Travel Booking Portal, Online Signature, and Other Integrations to SutiExpense

SutiExpense is an end-to-end expense report software solution that deals with all the aspects of expense management. The solution can be easily integrated with complementary applications and other third-party solutions to help organizations better manage their processes. In this post, we will take a look at some integrations which help the solution serve you better.

Travel booking portal

In this day and age when all your employees are used to doing things like booking tickets and buying things online, there is no need to outsource your travel to a third party. It only includes needless steps in the process and adds costs. With the integration of the travel booking portal, employees can book tickets themselves.

There is another advantage to this too – the booking details are automatically copied into the expense report. This way, there is no scope for errors in making entries and there is no chance to do any fraud. Policy enforcement can also be guaranteed with this – you can closely control the amount and kind of bookings.

Online signature

With online signatures, approvals become quicker and more standardized. It also ensures that all transactions are logged and made available for audit later. The solution will also help control the movement of expense reports and ensures that approvers are not bogged down by the workload.

Finance and accounting

The expense management process is not complete without reimbursement, and for this, the finance and accounting teams have to be brought in. Chances are that they have their own systems and policies, and therefore, data transfer has to happen manually between the systems. With the integration, this data transfer is automated, and therefore, the process continues seamlessly. It also helps with overall audit and analysis and eliminates errors and fraud.

Integrations to expense report software can really improve the way the process is run and allow the process to be controlled closely.