Understanding Cloud-based Expense Management Software

For today’s organizations, business travel has become crucial for a plethora of reasons sales outreach, customer development, and meetings. On an average, expenses form 8-12% of the overall expense budget, which is why most organizations are looking forward to revamping existing strategies to gain better control over T&E spending.

Expense management involves a series of processes such as booking travel, creating expense reports, submitting expense reports, approvals, reimbursement scheduling and back-end analytics. In order to drive strategic value from the complex spend category, organizations must reduce expense-processing costs, increase compliance and drive clear visibility into spending, suppliers and functional procedures.

Expense report software when deployed can lower processing costs by 60% and increase the corporate policy compliance by 31%. The software can ease the burden and streamline the process so as to make it simple for both employees and employers. In essence, it gives companies an ideal way to minimize costs and leverage the power of business travel.

SutiExpense proves to be the ideal expense software solution as it gives you the flexibility you need to manage the entire expense cycle. Our software manages the entire expense cycle right from expense report creation to reimbursement, everything can be done hassle-free. Also, we do provide a mobile app to help employees access the expense info at their fingertips. Built as a SaaS-based model, SutiExpense can be the right choice for businesses of all sizes.

Companies prefer SaaS-based software over installed systems to get rid of pre-installation costs and maintenance charges. More on, when you go for cloud-based software, you need not maintain separate servers, and all the data can be accessed from the cloud. Therefore, the cloud-based SutiExpense software turns out to be the best option for today’s enterprises.