Updates to SutiHR’s Time Management & Personnel Modules

Today, a simple human management system is simply not sufficient to manage and keep track…

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Today, a simple human management system is simply not sufficient to manage and keep track of employees effectively. With growing needs and demands, enterprises are looking for a simple yet comprehensive solution to manage the entire range of HR activities. With different organizations having different requirements, it is but mandatory that the software used be flexible enough and customizable enough to meet these requirements. That’s why keep constantly updating our software with new features and enhancements to existing features. Here we list out some updates made to the time management and personnel modules.

Time sheet update log

Whenever an employee or employer make changes to the timesheet, an additional log will be created. The log lists out the details like who has modified the time sheet and the reason for updating the timesheet, so that HR managers can keep track of all the changes made.

Time off adjustment log

The feature enables HR managers to view the previous and updated time off values for employees whenever a change is made.

Time off balance

Time off balance can be set in two ways-calendar year or date of hire. The time off balance values differs from company to company and completely depends on the company’s norms and conditions.

Comparison tool

If you need to edit the details of hundreds of employees, doing so manually not only takes hours but can result in data inaccuracies. With the help of comparison tool, you can upload the data in CSV format and compare the existing records with the updated details. You can replace existing data with new data without any manual entry.

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