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Why Helpdesk Software is comparatively better than Email Communications?

The evolution of technology and its benefits is influencing almost every department within a business, and support teams are no exception. To deliver great customer support and stay ahead of competitors, many companies are adopting ticket management solutions.

However, some companies are still relying on traditional email methods believing they work well enough. Although emails might seem a more straightforward and cost-effective method to keep track of help desk functions, they do leave room for some conservation to get ignored, lost, or forgotten.

The traditional email-based support processes also lack the accountability and metrics needed to gauge the issues within the process. As your company’s customer base grows, the support required becomes more complicated with the traditional method of emails.

Here we’ve discussed how a Helpdesk management solution helps you provide better customer support services when compared to email processes.

Centralized Database

Support agents are required to copy every person working on an issue to ensure transparency. If you have many support agents working on the same issue, it becomes difficult to keep track of every communication between the customers using emails.

A helpdesk management system centralizes all support information and crucial communication data in a secured database, allowing you to access the data whenever required. Because all the data is stored on a cloud-based platform, there is no loss of data.

Flexibility and Efficiency

In today’s competitive market, businesses should respond to queries more quickly to retain their customers. Any delay in the support process impacts the company’s brand value and can influence current customers to shift over to a competitor.

Choosing the right ticketing software provides your support team with the flexibility they need to respond to the customers’ support queries remotely, which means less overall waiting time.

In the case of email communications, the customer support team must flip back and forth between their inboxes and software to check on customer interactions, making it frustrating and time-consuming for them to resolve the issues.

By integrating the email and helpdesk software, you can access all customer communications within a single interface, which streamlines your entire process.

Knowledge Base

Problems or issues can occur at any time and requires customers to contact the support team for resolution. But the customer support team might not be available around the clock to help the customers and resolve the issues.

A few advanced customer support systems allow your support team to update resolutions for the most common issues within a knowledge base, a repository of the most frequent questions/issues. This provides your customers with an ability to find resolutions for some issues online regardless of the time or geographical location.

The Bottom Line

Enterprises must respond to their customers’ support requests quickly to help them make use of the product or service effectively. Keeping track of those requests and responding to support queries with traditional email communication methods can be tedious.

The software helps IT professionals to simplify service requests, knowledgebase management, assets & inventory management, Service Level Agreements (SLA) management, performance reports management, and much more.

The software automatically assigns tickets to the specific expertise needed based on predefined inputs. It also sends ticket acknowledgments regarding the status of those support requests, frees-up time so specialists can concentrate on more productive tasks.

Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, a ticket management solution is an ideal choice to handle multiple support queries.

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