Why You Need a Cloud-based Employee Scheduling System

The number of employees on staff and the difficulty of work shift patterns can add…

Cloud-based Employee Scheduling System

The number of employees on staff and the difficulty of work shift patterns can add extensive time to managers’ schedules. They have to spend eight hours or more each week to prepare work schedules when their tool is an age-old spreadsheet.

There are smart applications available to cut the number of time-consuming tasks involved with employee scheduling. Using a cloud-based solution to schedule employees’ shifts gets the job done within minutes. With user-friendly features, managers can create standard and complex shifts.

In this blog, we present four reasons why you should consider a cloud-based solution to prepare your employees’ work schedules.

Easily Keep Track of Changes in Employee Shifts

Using spreadsheets, employees have to call managers whenever they need to make changes to their work schedule. Managers have to make those changes manually. It is time-consuming and error-prone and can lead to costly mistakes. In such situations, an online shift scheduling system triggers immediate notifications for managers to approve and also find another employee to fill the shift.

Maintain Accurate Staff on Shifts

Managers have to ensure that they have the right amount of employees scheduled to work. They can make better staffing decisions with shift scheduling reports. With the help of report data, managers can see the busiest times and adjust shifts to ensure coverage is available to meet the demand.

Give Employees More Power with Self Service

Rather than managers scrambling to find someone who can cover the shift, employees can make shift swaps among themselves. An online solution enables employees to connect with each other. They agree on shift swapping and submit the information to their manager. The solution keeps the responsibility of changing their schedules in your employees’ hands.

It gives your employees more power over their schedules. Managers have enough coverage, employee satisfaction increases, and you reduce turnover rates.

Access from Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile apps allow employees to access schedule information from anytime, anywhere. Employees who are on leave can quickly check their shift date and time once they return. Mobile accessibility can work with various smartphone technologies.

Mobile applications serve as an automatic notification portal so managers can quickly update employees about schedule changes. Daily and weekly reminders of assigned shifts eliminate inquires about upcoming scheduled shifts.

Managing a business that employs hourly staff requires a tool for coordinating schedules. An online shift scheduling system that is accessible to everyone in your organization is a useful tool to keep the process smooth.

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