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SutiSoft Announces its SutiKSE (Key Stroke Encryption) Solution for Securing Login Credentials of Web Applications

SutiSoft releases SutiKSE v1.0, a Key Stroke Encryption solution that enables users to protect their login credentials.

Los Altos, CA (Vocus) November 2, 2010

SutiSoft, Inc. a trusted provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise security solutions, announced today the release of SutiKSE, a security solution that protects data being entered on the keyboard. The solution helps protect against keylogging software and malware threats residing within the computer.

SutiKSE, adds a foolproof layer of security to web portals and applications and helps to prevent the theft of sensitive information being entered during login. The solution is easy to install and does not require any additional hardware. SutiKSE helps defeat theft efforts by keyloggers and hackers and effectively eliminates malicious attacks on your computer.

"SutiKSE is a keylogger and hacker buster. The solution encrypts keystrokes at the driver level making it difficult for hackers to capture sensitive information. – said N.D. Reddy, founder and CEO of SutiSoft Inc."

Key Features Include:

1. Provides security from password hacking.

2. Provides real-time encryption of keystrokes.

3. Supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Clients.

4. Supports IE 8 and Firefox browsers.

5. Supports PS2 and USB Keyboards.

6. Can be used with web portals and applications.

How it Works:

Step 1: Autodetects Web Application Login Page

Step 2: Prompts the User to Enter Login Credentials

Step 3: Encrypts Entered Credentials

Step 4: Performs Submit Action on Web Page

Users can enable or disable SutiKSE anytime depending on their requirements. While enabled, SutiKSE automatically detects the Login page when a user is trying to use a web portal or web application and provides a window which prompts the user to enter their login credentials. The credentials entered are encrypted at the keyboard driver level to secure against any known or unknown keylogger programs before they are sent to the web portal or web application. The submit action is triggered and upon successful login, the user is given access to the web portal/application. Once logged in, the user experience with the portal/application remains the same.

Encrypting at the driver level, which is a unique feature of SutiKSE, makes it very difficult for hackers to capture keystrokes. The user friendly interface of SutiKSE allows users to see real-time encryption happening to ensure protection from keyloggers and hackers during login. Encryption in the kernel adds a unique layer of defence to your current PC security programs as it provides protection at an earlier level than the Operating System. It also reduces concerns regarding existing or future keylogging attacks.

SutiKSE pricing starts from $9.99 per user per month.

About SutiSoft Inc:

SutiSoft Inc. is a privately held company founded by N.D. Reddy, a successful Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in both the Hardware and Software industry as a Founder, and CEO. The Company's leading edge enterprise/SaaS application software products range from business productivity solutions such as Electronic Signature, Expense Management, Document Control Systems, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Security Solutions and others. The company's products are developed using Java, Flex, AJAX and other cutting-edge technologies which allow SutiSoft to retain its core values which are Simple, Scalable, Secured, and Seamless. Headquartered in Los Altos, California USA, SutiSoft has offices in Northern California, India and Japan.

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