SutiSoft Announces a New Release of SutiHVM, its Web-Based Human Resource Management Solution with additional features to increase productivity and user adoption

SutiSoft, Inc. a trusted provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise solutions, today announced the release of SutiHVM 4.0, its web-based human resource management solution. The new release includes pay structures, email filters, additional notifications and a new UI.

New Feature Include

New User Interface

SutiHVM gives new user experience. All screens have been updated with the use of icons to represent common actions and options.

Organize Inbox

Create additional folders to store emails received from various recipients. Define filters to automatically redirect emails to appropriate folders.

Pay Structures in Recruitment

Define pay structures for various positions. Based on the position and annual pay for an applicant, the salary breakup will be calculated automatically.

Pay Structures in Personnel Administration

Create pay structures (including benefits) for employees. Use pay structures to add a salary history of various positions previously held by an employee.

Quick Employee Creation

Quickly create employees, assign privileges and manage details through a simple interface.

Improved Daily Work Reports

Create daily work reports by adding tasks performed and time taken for each. Total time taken for each task is summarized at the end of the day.

Daily Report Notifications

Send Automatic email notifications to reporting managers when daily work reports are not sent by team members.

Enable/Disable Notifications

Administrators can now enable or disable notifications to employees in their organization.

Leave Approvals (without login)

Options to view leave applications of team members in the form of a calendar, approve or reject leave applications directly from the email notification without having to login to SutiHVM.

Leave Reports

Reports to administrators & customers on a particular day in a week informing them the number of employees in their teams or assigned for their projects are going on leave for next 7 days.

Request/Complaint Notifications

Automated email notifications to employees/managers when a request/complaint is submitted.

Currency Customization

Administrators can now customize the currency that would be used in their organization.

New Employee Notification

Automatic email notifications to reporting managers and customers when new employees or team members are added to a department, team or project.

Performance Scales

Scales used in assessing employee performance can now accept a range as values (60 – 70 %).

For more details on our HR solutions please visit SutiHR or call us at 650-969-SUTI.

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SutiSoft announces the release of SutiHVM 4.0 with additional reporting capabilities and a new user interface, (UI).

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