SutiSoft Announces the Release of SutiCLM, its Online Contract Lifecycle Management Software

We at SutiSoft are happy to announce the release of SutiCLM, the latest addition to our growing portfolio of business management software applications. SutiCLM is an online contract lifecycle management solution that enables users to generate and manage a variety of business-related contracts from a single solution.

The solution comes with a wide range of features including the ability to generate contracts, negotiate contracts, get approvals, gather online signatures, and store contracts in a central repository.

The new enhancements include

  • Automated Contract Generation

    Users can add various pre-defined clauses and sections that make up a contract and generate a wide variety of contracts that relate to different business functions such as sales, finance, HR, procurement, and others.

  • Contract Reviews & Approvals

    Users can send the generated contracts to reviewers and approvers based on their hierarchy within the organization for serial or parallel approvals. Furthermore, reviewers or approvers can suggest edits in the contract before being sent to their external counterpartie.

  • Google Calendar

    With the Google Calendar integration, users can keep track of dates for review and approval on their Google calendars.

  • External approvals/Negotiations

    External vendors or customers can also negotiate with the clauses in the contract and request for changes in the contract before approving it with their signatures.

  • Notifications

    All the parties, both internal and external, will be sent notifications regarding the action to be taken on the contract. The frequency of notification can be changed as per the contract requirements.

  • Reports & Dashboards

    The dashboard provides users with a quick assessment of the status of the various ongoing contracts at any moment. Users can also generate reports to gain more knowledge regarding different contract types.

We’d love your feedback as we work on additional features. Please visit SutiCLM or call us at 650-969-SUTI(7884) for more information.

About SutiSoft

SutiSoft develops a comprehensive suite of cloud-based business platforms and solutions for companies of all sizes. Our four SaaS platforms - Spend, HR, eSignature and CRM Platforms include scalable and easy-to-use solutions such as Travel & Expense, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Procurement, Supplier Relationship Management, HR, CRM, Document Management, Electronic Signature, Contract Lifecycle Management, and more. Our solutions enable SMBs, mid-market, and enterprises to cut costs, save time, and help in making smart business decisions. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, SutiSoft also has regional offices in Germany, India, and Japan. For more information, please visit our website

SutiSoft, a leading cloud-based business management software provider, announces the launch of SutiCLM, which allows users to manage contracts from generation to storage and renewal.

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