Automate HR Tasks

Automating Manual HR Tasks with Voice-based Virtual Assistants

Answering questions and managing schedules are some tasks people ask voice assistants to work for. The traditional process is slow and clunky; however, with better technology, you can eliminate difficult manual tasks.

Voice Bots in HR

Updating and checking spreadsheets is a lot of manual work. Voice technology can replace manual work by simply asking the device to tell about the upcoming work schedule. With advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, it’s no longer a risk to understand requests from voices and styles of speech.

Enterprises need a lot of adjustments to customize HR for the workplace; therefore, adapting the software to the pre-defined vocabulary can help understand the human nuances.

Customer-centric virtual assistants have advanced as big companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Google have started leveraging the technology. Alexa, Google Assistant, and many other voice apps are emerging. These tools allow HR professionals to access the employee information, the performance of their engagement, company news, and multiple benefits with employees, by voice.

The features that come with these apps could be useful for HR departments, even if it doesn’t incorporate sensitive information. Many companies are using Google’s G Suite to manage employees and schedules. Handling multiple activities through voice could benefit HR departments.

Employees can ask voice assistants to help in finding and adjusting their shift schedules or make a calendar event for them. The assistant should be improved to follow the regulations laid by the company so that it can work as per the company norms. Voice assistants can help prevent actions such as getting time-offs approved than they are allowed.

Voice assistants are still very new. The features they offer are limited when it comes to business processes. As people get used to voice assistants and devices such as smart speakers become more common, employees rarely need to rely on others to handle real-time interactions with employers. 

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