8 Reasons Why You Have To Centralize Expense Reporting Process

Centralizing your Business Spend Management

When you have global operations, you will have multiple regions, business units and teams managing various aspects of the finance department. Centralizing all the business operations eliminates redundancies and put resources to better use.

Manage Finance Operations Through Centralization

Centralizing finance procedures provides a greater level of efficiency and offer the organization better control. The benefits can go beyond saving time and money but you can forecast future budgets and plan around. By incorporating automation, advanced analytics, and other digital technologies into operations, organizations can streamline processes and achieve greater efficiency in back-office functions. Centralization gives a sharper and wider view into business processes and helps you make informed decisions.

Automated travel and expense management solution adds value to your business by reducing time, increasing savings, and visibility. Centralizing this process with a spend management platform solution can take businesses to the next level. If you already have automated expense report software in place, what you have to do next is go beyond automation to completely connect spend management. The following are four ways:

Centralize Processes

When you start centralizing processes, you may gain visibility into business processes and know what exactly is happening to organizational spending.

Using Policy

Business units need to comply with global policies and make employees understand the policy terms and conditions. Adhering to company policies allows for greater compliance and managers can easily pull in data for reconciliation.


Once all the business units and departments share a common policy, it is important to get collaboration and commitment from your employees to get things done right. Everyone needs to embrace ownership and take accountability for business spending.

Single System Makes the Most

Having a centralized system for managing business spending is key in the company’s digital transformation, so ensure everything is right from employee purchases to card administration to approvals and audits being centralized. An end-to-end spend management platform will help you maximize your return on investment.

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