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How Online Survey Benefits Your Business

Businesses possess a hunger to know what people are talking about their brand online. Why they are talking? Is it a positive or negative vibe? How people rate their business? What is the feedback? What they really like about your product or service? Do they have any suggestions for the betterment of the products?

To uncover answers to the specific and important business questions, Enterprises across the industries take the route of online surveys. The business surveys can be of different types:

Multiple choice questions – Users have to choose one best answer to the given question

Single textbox – This is also called as subjective feedback. Providing a short form of answer to the given question. For eg: Can you please answer how the taste of the food in our restaurant was and what’s your feedback

Ranking questions, Rating scale, file up loader, net promoter score (to measure the customer loyalty) and many more comes under online Surveys.

The basic question is how businesses can get benefited with online surveys

  • It provides businesses with invaluable data to analyze before manufacturing a product or adding a new product to its line, improving the product features or taking important organizational decisions and so on.
  • They can even take the business surveys to better improve their customer support services or to attract new customer base
  • If your business uses CRM Technology, then clubbing of survey data with CRM System allows you to expand your contact information as well as it further improves your ability to segment customers into different categories.
  • Integration of CRM Software with online surveys will help you to send timely based automate feedback surveys at the major customer touch points like sending a feedback survey immediately after the customer service call or after the purchase of a product, during the cancellation or renewal of tickets etc. It reduces the time of designing a business survey
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey is the single survey question which is used to identify the most happiest and the sad customer. It classifies under passives, promoters and detractors. This helps the businesses to set up automatic email alerts. For eg: If your customer is identified as a promoter, then your CRM System automatically recognizes it and send a review site to the customer requesting him to give a positive feedback.
  • With the gathering of meaningful opinions, feedbacks and comments, businesses can get to identify the hidden strengths and weaknesses which can be used to develop an unique selling point for your business.
  • When compared to the paper based surveys, online surveys reduce the administration costs and minimize the time for designing surveys. It hugely benefits small businesses and startups as they can quickly and easily create the survey and send it across web, email and social media channels like Face book, Twitter etc.

Surveys are important to get to know the voice of the customer’s about your brand. Integrate CRM Solutions into your business as it will help you to design surveys in fraction of seconds.

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