Cut Additional Expenses & Improve Policy Compliance with Pre-trip Authorization

A scenario where the company’s expenses are not going as per the planned budget is a major concern for business owners.  If you are one among them, then SutiExpense can help you out. Our pre-trip expense request feature helps you avoid unplanned expenses and makes your expense plan work well.

SutiExpense lets you create and submit expense requests before the trip to the approver. A pre-trip expense request involves listing down all the expected expenses for that business trip and sending it for approval. Doing so will avoid a lot of additional expenses and makes it easy for accounting professionals to process reimbursement claims.

The advantages of pre-trip authorization are as follows:

Avoid additional expenses 

Since all the expenses get added to the report, the finance managers can plan accordingly such that they do not face any issues while processing reimbursement requests. Also, employees will be careful while spending money as every expense is recorded beforehand.

Scope for removing unnecessary expenditures

As employee will add every expense line item to the list, employers will have a possibility to figure out the unnecessary expenses and remove from the list. This can help the company cut costs associated with unnecessary expenditures.

Policy assurance

Listing every expense line item will allow finance managers to check whether the expenses are in line with the company’s spend policy. This can help ensure that all the expense reports comply with the company’s spend policy and no expense line item is out of compliance. Also, you can remove any expense line item that is not within the policy. This would make sure your company’s spend policy is enforced efficiently.

In addition to this, there are several other benefits that SutiExpense brings to your company. Go to the link to learn more.