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Digitizing HR: What are the Key Benefits?

Today, the human resource department plays an active role in managing every part of the organization. Since HR is involved in every decision that the organization makes, HR managers are considered as strategic partners of the organization.

Technology has influenced the human resource industry in such a way that everything including time and attendance tracking can be managed with minimal manual intervention. The following are a few areas where technology proved to be a boon for human resource managers:

Time and attendance management

Earlier, employee attendance was recorded by using punch machines. This approach resulted in certain difficulties like manually checking the employee time logs. But with the HR management system, one can auto-calculate the number of hours an employee has worked. This would also make payroll processing easy and simple.


Recruiting is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of an HR manager. Ultimately, it is the employee who benefits the organization. HR management software would automate all the phases of recruitment and simplify the hiring process. By using HR software, you can post the requisitions automatically and receive thousands of job applications within days. You can manage the hiring process phase by phase and hire the best talent within deadlines.


Although the term excites all the employees, HR managers should perform a cumbersome job for processing payrolls. To process payrolls, HR managers should take various aspects into consideration such as employee attendance, work hours, time off and project billing. All these details can be easily recorded by using HR software.

Project management

As an HR manager, you will have to know which employee has worked on which project and for how many hours. HR management software will help you get the exact number of hours an employee has worked on a particular project. This can assist you in project billing and resource billing.

All the tasks mentioned above can be managed well with SutiHR. Our HR management platform helps you get all the information you need regardless of wherever you are.

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