How Mobile Technology is Changing the Business Travel Landscape

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In this digital era, the usage of smartphones is increasing day by day. Earlier travelers used to take piles of documents such as tickets, itineraries, and maps with them, but now mobile phone and passport are the only essentials for a business traveler.

Innovation is making travel simple and more efficient. It’s easy to stay connected with mobile devices as they let you access the large amount of data via the cloud. Mobile devices have become a replacement for desktop applications with information being available at fingertips.

Plethora of apps and travel tools helps employees make the most of dead-time while on business trip. Technology has simplified and streamlined the travel experience by taking the hassle off from the business travelers mind. In fact, 83% of travelers said that mobile expense management solutions have improved their business travel experience.

Having the right application makes a lot difference. Business travel tools enable travelers to track flights, get alerts, and travel-related information at the tap of a finger. Map apps are the most popular among travelers, followed by train travel applications, and social networking applications. Apart from these, hotel, airport, airline and transportation are some of the commonly used applications among travelers.

Indeed, smartphones and laptops are the channels that power travelers with the information they require to carry out their trip. No matter whether it is tracking receipts, booking or changing flights, organizing travel trips can be done easily with the help of mobile expense management software applications. Apps are the perfect tool because it doesn’t matter where these actions take place. It just keeps travelers moving without any hindrances. The result is we can respond faster than ever before and provide up-to-date information in seconds rather than hours.

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