Expense Reports

The Expense Data Advantage to Business Decision Makers

Beyond just making sure your employees are spending business money the right way, the expense tracking software solution also helps you determine the usage of company money by providing essential tools for detecting employee fraud.

Data matters

When making decisions about the company money, every piece of information you get can help. If the data is up-to-date and accurate, then that would give you strong grounds to make decisions. Particularly, this is important in business trips. For instance, airfare alone accounts for a significant investment, hence the return on investment you get from these trips should be worth it. The data you get by automation can be extremely helpful, especially when paired with analytical tools. You can compare business expenses with tangible results you get out of business trips. Moreover, the metrics will help you figure out the loopholes and spending inefficiencies, which helps you detect fraud or misreported expenses.

Analyzing spending patterns of various employees using reporting and analytical tools makes it much easy for you to identify bad trends. Expense tracking software can highlight large, out-of-pocket expenses that are not complying with the corporate guidelines. All such expense claims can be red-flagged asking employees to possibly correct and resubmit expense claims. It’s easy to miss these small expenses in an individual report, but when considered as a whole it becomes a considerably greater amount. In this way, the automated solution provides greater visibility so that you can easily see employee exploits that are better hidden.

Therefore, it is important for you to get track of this data, otherwise you would end up paying more for out-of-policy expenses. Besides this, the solution would help you make better decisions by providing the right data at the right time.