Improving Performance and Productivity in SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can raise both productivity and performance by paying more attention…

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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can raise both productivity and performance by paying more attention to some key HR initiatives. It is important for SMBs to get their HR management right and embrace latest technologies such as online HR software to stay ahead of the game.

Here, we discuss a few areas where SMBs need to focus.

Workforce Engagement:

There is a lot of buzz about workforce engagement in big organizations, but it is less discussed in SMBs. Building employee engagement is often easier in small and medium-sized businesses where HR managers have more day-to-day contact with employees, and therefore more chances to get them excited and inspired about their work. Listening to employees and getting them involved, providing constructive feedback, discussing about career progression, and providing opportunities to grow and develop are a few things that will help increase employee engagement.

Performance Management:

Most of the SMBs struggle with performance management. Poor performance causes resentment among other employees and development that’s been promised doesn’t take place. A robust software solution can streamline the process and alerts managers when appraisals are due. Information can be centrally located and made available for both employees and managers making the whole process more transparent and consistent. With the latest technology, managers can provide immediate feedback and on the spot coaching when a development issue arises.

Social Platforms:

Integrated social platforms help businesses manage their employees more effectively. The latest generation social collaboration tools are easy to use, employees can communicate across silos, and share information. Online HR software with social tools makes it easy for employees to work together on projects wherever they are located, and also makes it easier for businesses to get input and feedback on initiatives they may be planning to implement.

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