In-built Travel Booking for Better Business Travel Management

Booking corporate travel is often a challenging and time consuming process in many organizations. But, an end-to-end business travel and expense management solution with an integrated travel booking tool streamlines the booking process, and saves time and money.

For any organization, business trips are useful because they enable employees to highlight a enterprise’s offerings to large group of prospective and existing clients.  This also helps organizations extend their global reach.

An integrated travel booking platform provides a simplified and transparent booking process for employees. Employees can easily view their account details, frequent flyer miles, travel preferences, and the organization’s travel strategies. The system automatically populates the negotiated corporate rates that save employees’ time and the company’s money.

With an integrated travel booking tool organizations can define search parameters, limiting travel search results with-in policy options. Managers/approvers can receive pre-trip notifications and approvals, ensuring employees avoid travel policy violations even before they leave the office. It provides high visibility into business-specific travel trends which helps for future budgeting.

Relying on multiple systems and employees to manage the same data makes no sense. By using a cloud-based expense reporting system organization can optimize the entire process without adding staff. This feature avoids travel agents fees for bookings, cost of various software systems, and additional resources’ salaries. Organizations can negotiate rates with preferred suppliers and track reporting on travel expenses. They can achieve complete control over travel and expenses within one platform.

Online expense reporting software helps organizations manage corporate travel procedures and costs more effectively and economically.