SutiExpense Helps Overcome the Key Challenges of Expense Management

Expense management software will not just streamline the expense process but also ensures organizations meet compliance and avoids out-of-spend policy. SutiExpense will not just make this happen but can help organizations gain complete control over where the money is flowing. SutiExpense is preferred by most companies for several reasons, some of which we will talk about in this post.

Configure corporate & personal cards

Whether your company offers you a corporate card while you are on business travel or you need to use your own card and let the company reimburse you later, the software makes it easy for you. The software also helps with the real-time tracking of expenses through timely notifications and alerts.

Splitting expense line items

If a business travel involves multiple projects or employers, then expense line items can be split across various cost centers, projects and employers. This can help both employees and employers know the amount spent for each project, thus alleviating the burden of claiming a single employer or project owner.

Reimbursable Vs. non-reimbursable            

Business travel may involve a number of expenses to be claimed for reimbursement. The challenge that often pops up here is this – how can companies figure out if the expense submitted is reimbursable or not? In order to address this concern, SutiExpense provides you an option of configuring only the reimbursable expense line items. Simply put, whenever an employee tries to submit an expense line item that is non-reimbursable, the system will not accept that particular request and pops-up a message saying that expense line item is invalid. In this way, employees cannot submit the non-reimbursable expense items; hence the company’s compliance is assured with greater accuracy.

SutiExpense makes organizations rest assured when it comes to expense management.