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Latest Trends In Mobile Time And Attendance Tracking

Mobile time tracking has become a common need for businesses managing a decentralized workforce. These mobile applications tied to online time management systems turn employees’ mobile phones into robust, handheld time tracking devices.

The mobile time tracking helps businesses track employees’ time and attendance in real-time while ensuring employees are paid accurately and stay compliant.

Selecting the best mobile time tracking application is not an easy job. The best way is to assess its technological capabilities, which can vary widely. Here, we list a few key tech trends that you have to look for.

Robust GPS

One of the basic features of mobile time tracking systems is GPS verification – using smartphone GPS capabilities to verify whether employees are clocking in from where they have to be. The best solution takes this to another level, providing advanced features known as geo-fencing and geo-tracking.

An online time and attendance system with geo-fencing capabilities allow employers to designate worksites in terms of GPS coordinates. When an employee crosses the radius, the application automatically clocks him/her out. It not only ensures that the employee time is captured correctly, but it also helps HR staff track employees who make frequent early exits. Mobile time tracking apps with geo-tracking automatically capture employees’ GPS coordinates at pre-defined times throughout the workday.

Biometrics Recognition Systems

Biometrics systems are used to measure a person’s unique physical characteristics to confirm their identity. These systems have become a key feature of online tracking solutions because buddy punching, a form of time theft when one employee punches the clock in/out for a colleague, costs employers millions of dollars per year.

Biometric time clocks prevent time theft better than swipe card or PIN-based systems. Mobile time tracking solutions with facial recognition use an employee’s smartphone’s camera to figure out features and verify their identity in literally seconds, rendering buddy punching virtually impossible.

Employee Self-Service

Businesses have recognized the need to stay connected to the workforce, especially with remote employees. The mobile time tracking application provides an employee self-service portal that allows employees and HR staff to share information anytime, from anywhere. Employees can view their work schedules, check their time off balances, and submit their timesheets, all from their smartphones.

Robust Analytics

Today, every organization is looking for analytical tools that provide real-time insight into workforce activity. The time tracking systems offer businesses access to a menu of standard and customizable reports, generally accessed through the dashboard of their online time and attendance system.

These reports allow them to track absenteeism, tardiness and overtime pay, filtered by location, shift, team, and more. These analytical tools offer businesses unique visibility into the doings of a scattered, decentralized workforce.

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