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We have rolled out a set of new exciting features in our latest version of…

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We have rolled out a set of new exciting features in our latest version of SutiHR 7.6.8.

The latest features that have been added to this version are listed below:

  • The detailed attendance report now displays the net worked hours of an employee on a particular day. HR administrators can generate a report for both types of employees – Salary and Hourly.
  • HR administrators now have the flexibility to cancel time off for any selected days from applied time off.
  • Time off adjustment feature allows HR administrators to adjust the number of days from applied time off.
  • The solution provides an option to define certain privileges based on employee role.
  • HR administrators can restrict employees to edit personnel records and notes in the employee profile.
  • Options such as Start a New Request on self service dashboard and Upload in employee profile under documents are displayed as per the privileges set by HR administrators.
  • HR administrators can create and share custom reports with selected employees. An option to revoke the assigned reports is also provided.
  • The application now allows HR administrators to create timesheets for the upcoming days. HR admins can perform this action only when the “Allow HR administrators to create future timesheets” option is enabled at the unit level.

  • HR administrators now have an option to define pay period type, base pay, and date of offer when providing offer letter details. The annual salary will be automatically calculated based on the pay period type and base pay.

  • Job offer letters typically have a deadline; the candidates must either accept or decline the offer before the expiration date. With the new enhancements being made to the application candidates are restricted to accept the offer after the expiration date.

  • Edit timesheet process has been enhanced; date and time picker allows HR administrators to enter clock in/out across two working days.

  • HR administrators have an option to customize the menus in the reporting module. Employees can now generate reports based on the permissions given by the HR administrator.

  • All notifications in the HR management process are sent to an employee only when “HR flag” option is enabled by the HR admin when assigning the privileges.

  • HR administrators can now restrict employees from editing their profile.

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