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Self-Service HR Management Software Improves Employee Engagement

High employee engagement leads to greater productivity, revenue, and quality. Every organization has an opportunity to improve employee engagement beginning with the recruitment and continuing throughout the employee lifecycle. HR software with self-service functionality can really help you get that from your employees.

The system helps you send tailored communications to your employees or group of employees easily, which is a great way of keeping people in the loop. It enables employees to actively monitor their own performance and personal development: employees can review their own goals online and monitor their progress against meeting them.  The application also allows employees to give feedback on proposed changes within the organization using questionnaires delivered by the self-service portal. The self-service software gives employees access to their remuneration and reward statement allowing them to see their contracted package easily, which helps in retention.

Keeping workforce in control of their training and development programs has great value both in terms of engagement and reduction in HR administration. The self-service functionality allows employees to view and contribute to their personal record by monitoring development activities, updating skills, and requesting training to enhance performance via an integrated training module. It can also be used to spotlight career development opportunities within your organization or group. Self-serve recruitment module helps post the vacancies within the enterprise in order to attract internal employees online, which allows your employees to move forward within the organization.

Providing personal HR information in a self-service module, HR software empowers your employees and also helps increase employee engagement.

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