Automation of Manual Expense Management

Signs it’s Time to Switch to an Expense Report System

Evaluating your current expense reporting system and scrutinizing the processes will help you determine whether the expense report software meets your business requirements. As your business evolves, it is more important to find more productive ways to run your business successfully. Refining business procedures should be done on a regular basis to make business more productive.

Expense management is one business process that technology should add an edge. A new generation of expense report tools can regain the time and money that’s been spent due to the old-fashioned expense report systems.

So, when should you change the way of expense processing? To help you decide, we have a list that tells you if it is the right time to change. Just remember the following points when you deciding to change your system.

Continuous Evolution

When your business grows, you have to change your processes to fit your business requirements. Increasing the employee count means more expense claims, which puts the burden on the administrative staff. So, if your business is evolving continuously, you need to have expense reporting systems in place to make processes more transparent and clear.

Significant Delays in Reimbursement Process

Your reimbursement process should not be taking too long. If this is the case, then it’s time to review the expense reporting system. Gathering, submitting, and manually checking the information are some reasons for reimbursement delays. Longer reimbursement time means employees getting frustrated. The manual review will result in errors and waste a lot of time because of unnecessary paperwork. The expense report system makes your reimbursement process quick and efficient.

Missing Receipts

Employees who travel frequently do not want to carry receipts throughout their entire trip. In this mobile-driven era, employees should be given responsive applications through which they can review, manage, and submit expense reports anytime. With such a solution in place, employees will never miss any receipts or keep any reports pending approval. This also means approvers do not need to wait a long time for expense claims to get submitted.

Deciding whether to change the expense reporting systems can be difficult, but switching to a cloud-based expense report solution can really benefit you by yielding significant benefits.

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