Some Essential Skills Your Managers Should Possess

Managers play a key role in the organization. However, managers in many organizations are not…

Managers play a key role in the organization. However, managers in many organizations are not really trained in all the skills they must possess. They are just given the designation and are expected to learn on the job.

As long as the process is running along, senior management won’t give much thought to what their managers must be doing, and won’t make attempts to improve the situation. There are many skills that a good manager must possess, and organizations must work hard to inculcate these skills in their managers. Let’s see some of them:


More than anything else, a manager has to be an effective communicator. The manager acts as the bridge between the senior management and the employees, and it is the manager who has to devise plans and strategies to meet company goals.

If the manager cannot communicate these strategies or not able to comprehend the goals, everyone suffers. Therefore, ensure that your managers possess excellent communication skills, not just in speaking but in listening too.


If your managers are the best-performing individuals in the team, as it often happens, they will have a tendency to take all the work upon themselves and get needlessly bogged down by all the work. This will not leave time for them to focus on the larger picture or employee growth.

Therefore, good managers must learn to trust their team members and learn to delegate effectively. The work is of paramount importance, and all the resources that are available must be engaged so that the work will be done well, and in time.


Today, technology has seeped into every aspect of business, and all employees must have basic technical skills to perform their tasks. As managers who have to keep track of goals as well as engage employees, managers have to use a lot of business software including human resource software as well as process-specific software.

Today’s managers must possess excellent technical skills and will be able to use business productivity software efficiently.

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