Track Employee Working Hours for Multiple Projects Easily

When you have multiple projects, it is difficult to track who is working on which…

When you have multiple projects, it is difficult to track who is working on which project. In this case, HR managers will face a lot of problems while processing payroll. Recording who is working on which project and for how many hours has become a key challenge for most companies. This issue can be addressed by SutiHR’s integration with SutiProject.

SutiHR has integrated with SutiProject to help companies track the attendance details of employees for every project. The integration simplifies the process of tracking employee hours and eases the process of payroll. You can use this integration only if your company has been registered with SutiHR, i.e., to use this integration you should be the users of both SutiHR and SutiProject. And, the set up is extremely easy and you don’t need to undergo a tedious process to establish this integration.

The following are a few benefits that SutiHR’s integration with SutiProject brings to businesses.

Tracking accurate project hours

An employee can clock in or out against any project. In this way, the total number of hours an employee has worked on a particular project can be tracked. This will be helpful to know the hours spent on a particular project. Likewise, we can know the billing hours of all projects in an organization.

Project creation

You can create any number of projects and assign managers, co-managers, and resources to a particular project. You can send email notifications to respective employees whenever you create a project.

Resource planning    

Resource planning is one of the key aspects for every company. As a project manager, you should know which employee has worked on what project and for how many hours. You can also find the resource workload and assign the task whenever required. In this way, you can know which resource is assigned to a project. Managers can view the workload of a particular resource before assigning a task to a project.

In this way, by using our integration you can overcome all the critical challenges that people face while managing multiple projects.

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