Expense Reports

Track Hidden Expenses & Gain Better Fiscal Visibility with Expense Management Software

Expense management is often considered one of the biggest headaches in any enterprise, especially in people-driven ones. When done wrong, it leaves a significant impact making it difficult for you to offset what was spent and what was actually paid. Expense management software makes it easy for you to track all expenses including hidden ones and increases visibility.

No More Paperwork! Track Everything Automatically

Although everything is done right including planning, recording and tracking, there is always space for errors in manual processes. With expense management software, you can automate, simplify, expedite and improve the expense management process from start to finish. As everything is done automatically, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort required to submit, approve, process and clear expense reports.

 How the software works

The software lets employees input expenses through a browser or a mobile application, and administrators can track expense reports, enforce company policies, manage itineraries, set up approval routings and generate reports with ease. On the other hand, it gives better visibility for organizations on business spends, thus helping the firms find new ways to cut down extra costs.

Why use this software

Itemized Capture

Money spent on each item can be captured accurately, allowing employers to request for accurate claims. In this way, approval and reimbursement processes can be made faster.

Ensure Accuracy

You’ll no longer deal with paper; all the receipts are digitally captured and turned to expense line items. In this way, you can spot the out-of-compliance spend and get accurate information on all expenses.

Simpler, Faster, & Easier

It’s easy to book travel from anywhere at any time. All the itineraries can be tracked automatically and accurately. At the same time, the audit and approval process is faster, thus saving additional costs and time.

With so many benefits, the switch to expense management software will let you alleviate the risks associated with expense management.