3 Money Saving Tips for a Budget Friendly Corporate Travel

Travel and Expense

In today’s competitive business world, smart mobile phones and video conferences are ruling the world of business. Therefore, many people question the importance of business travel because they view it as an expensive affair and fail to see the significant benefits being associated with it. However, the majority of businesses are having an opinion that through the effective use of smart technology, they can happily close the business deals by just sitting at the office itself instead of being wasting their valuable time to meet the clients in person. But, this is completely a wrong perspective.

The corporate business travel will help companies to create new business opportunities, build a strong customer networking, increase and improve the business communications, construct a productive business relationship and reduce the misunderstandings between you and your client, and as well as create a feeling of team spirit.

I can understand, business travel is always an expensive affair but with an effective planning, one can save huge amounts of money.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to save money on corporate business travel. Here you go:

  1. Review and Optimize Your Business Travel Policies

Are you planning to write a new corporate travel policy? Then, consider including a lot of things such as travel booking, accommodations, meal allowances, and various other expenditures. Does your business already have an existing travel policy? Then, it’s time to take a close look and review the policy in order to find out whether the travel policy is robust enough to cover all the aspects of business travel spend within your organization. At first, while you are framing the business travel policy, you should focus on fundamentals such as providing of the proper approval process, and offering guidelines on travel bookings, accommodations, on-site spending and other expenses. However, one should clearly define the travel business policies; this will definitely help your company’s business travelers to take smart travel decisions, and to stay within the business travel policy.

  1. Create a Pre-Trip Approval Process

Do you want to save money on your business trips? Then, implement and introduce the pre-approval travel system on your every travel booking. In the travel policy, you need to make it clear – who should provide an approval to all your business travels. And in case, if you are having an opportunity to partner with a travel management company, then take the best advantage of online travel booking tool. This tool will help your company to develop a better understanding about the travel arrangement settings, and enable you to select which employees can book their own hotels and flights and as well as effectively monitor all your travel bookings easily.

  1. Save Money on Flight Ticket Bookings

Are you travelling abroad for a business travel? Then, you should book the flight tickets which can be the most expensive affair by itself. So, be smart while booking the airplane tickets. You need to have a fixed travel plan; this can save you a lot of money. While you are booking the flight tickets, be flexible about the date of travel, and always buy the flexible tickets that can provide you with an option of return dates. Moreover, by using the online travel platform, you can provide your business with the alerts and notifications about the airfare promotions and discounted rates. You can even use the expense management software solutions in your business travel to search about the best competitive prices on your selected airlines. Moreover, the solution provides you with an automatic option to cancel and rebook the airline tickets.

Are you into business travel? Do you travel on a regular basis? Then, you can utilize the solutions of SutiTravel and SutiExpense software. The Sutitravel software can help your business to discover the lowest possible fares on the flight tickets based on your planned destination and it will also help you find out the best hotel deals for accommodation purposes. Moreover, the SutiExpense software can make your business travel to be hassle and tension free, help you document each receipt in the solution, keep you a track on every transaction, and as well as optimize your business travel spend.

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