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Analytics to Make Key Business Decisions in Travel and Expense Reporting

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When it comes to travel and expense reporting costs, you need visibility into data to spot trends and take appropriate actions. Analyzing vast and complex data without proper reports and analytics can prevent you from leveraging potential benefits. Reports can help you understand the correct data by allowing you to review and analyze without going overwhelmed.

This is why SutiExpense has introduced flexible expense reporting, a more powerful and flexible way to gain insight into the company’s travel and expense spending. You can view multiple reports that can help you understand expenses across various categories.

SutiExpense allows you to run reports on any set of data so that you can make data-driven decisions. Curious about Spend vs. Budget? Need to know employees spend by location? Or Spend variances? A few clicks can help you run a complete report.

You can view analytics for spend by Category, Per Diem, or Hotel Vendors. CFOs can gain financial insight into expense policy reviews. And, moving from a manual system offer valuable insights into reports that will help you dramatically cut down T & E spending.

Reports delivered in minutes

Waiting for a data export can be tiresome, and gaining an insight into expense trends can be challenging without analytics. With analytics, you don’t have to wait for long hours to get an idea of reporting. You are allowed to create a report on any criteria, or you can select a pre-defined report and run through.

Once a report is created, your settings will be saved for the next time you visit analytics. This saves time by pulling the same report every alternate day, and you can get the information on your fingertips. And, if you want to generate a report on different criteria, you can easily modify the criteria and create a new report tailored for you.

Visual representation

SutiExpense provides you a complete insight into expenses spent by category, currency, location, period, and country. You can view expenses incurred by an employee for a particular expense category, and see why employees are spending and what is making them make out-of-policy spending. The custom report builder allows users to build their reports with the criteria if required.

Besides pre-defined reports, you will have that option to create your reports with user-defined queries to gain complete visibility into the details you need. Visual charts will help you make business-critical decisions and will also help you define corporate travel policies that work in real-time.   

Auditing made easy with Historical data

Some expense reporting solutions store travel and expense data for a short period, making your team responsible for data backups. SutiExpense keeps your data securely stored for future use, so you will have an opportunity always to look back and see how corporate spending has evolved.

Keeping the historical data handy is vital, especially when you think about corporate spend data. You’ll never have to worry about historical data for audits, and your finance department is better equipped with reports and data that can uncover hidden savings opportunities.

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