How Social Media Improves Customer Experiences

How Social Media Improves Customer Experiences

Today, it’s hard to image the world without social media since the majority of people are spending their time on social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on for one or another reason. Therefore, the social media element has become an inevitable tool for businesses to reach and attract potential and current customers, increase brand awareness, grow the customer database, build business in a strategic way on social channels, increase the visibility of the business brand, generate new leads, and boost sales numbers.

Everyone is on social media today! Your customers are on social media and your competitors are on social media. Does your business exist on social networking channels? Do you have a strong and established presence on social media? Do you regularly keep in touch with your customers? If not, then it’s time to upgrade your business strategy and operate your business on various social networking sites to interact with your audience group, spread positive vibes about your business, and boost customer experiences.

Embrace the social element in your business strategy and implement social CRM solutions in current business operations (or) integrate your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with a social CRM tool.

Here are a few ways on how to use social media to boost customer experiences:

  1. Track and Monitor Social Conversations

In this digital age, it is highly important for businesses to understand – what’s happening around the brand and what kind of social conversations are taking place.

Use social CRM software to track and monitor online conversations of customers on social channels, understand what kind of social conversations are taking place around your brand, halt any negative conversations, and build brand positivity.

     2. Provide Immediate Responses

These days, some customers prefer indirect methods to contact companies such as social media and emails instead of phone-calls to file and record complaints against the particular company product or service.

Take advantage of social CRM system to monitor and track customer complaints, issues, and concerns and try to provide a quick and prompt timely response to consumer problems and resolve the issues as soon as possible. While responding to customer inquiries, provide a personalized touch such as being genuine and address your consumer with their name, etc. This kind of approach improves customer satisfaction, builds brand positivity, and boosts customer experiences that can allow consumers to recommend your company products and services to their friends and family members and even act as brand advocates.

     3. Post Content on a Regular Basis

Regularly, try to schedule and post brand-relevant content on social networking channels. As well, you can follow up your business competitors on social media. Keep track of what kind of content they are posting, how they are attracting new customers, and what kind of strategies they are following.

Post surveys on social channels and use the customer feedback as an opportunity to identify trends, common customer pain points, and requests for new products and services. You can even use surveys effectively to gauge customer satisfaction levels and customer experiences.

What are you waiting for? Invest your money in a better social CRM strategy for concrete results, increased exposure, streamlined customer service, boost customer experiences, future-proof your business for years ahead, and stay top on your game.

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