Leveraging Automated Ticketing System for a Personalized Customer Service

Automated Ticketing System

Today, the customer support professionals and marketers are constantly discussing about the increasing role of personalization in client service. Personalization refers to changing of products/services to meet the requirements and demands of an individual. It is an act of tailoring a support conversation based on the details an organization has learned about a consumer.

As support can include facing annoying clients, adding personal touch to these interactions turns the situation upside down significantly and aids in generating personalizing client service. You need to ensure that clients feel extremely special as they would not waste any minute to look forward towards a different brand.

Around 92% of marketing professionals stated that personalization boosts business profitability significantly. Organizations that offer an excellent customer support mention how clients are willing to spend more money for the best experience.

1. Generate and Store 360 Client Profiles

There’s much more to the clients than the simple demographic details. The marketers may have recorded consumer contact information successfully, but you must dig deeper to know how your users are better than others.

By implementing a 360-degree approach to generating data-rich client profiles will aid you in providing personalized experience to clients. A cloud-based helpdesk solution can store various profiles and aid you to better understand their purchasing history/behavior and personality types. Later the service representatives can segregate clients easily based on the likes/dislikes, expectations, and give unique solutions.

2. Consistency between Various Support Channels

Clients are often very choosy while selecting a support channel for reaching out to the business. Hence, every channel, no matter it is live chat, social media, or phone has their own audience/users. It has been observed that live chat is developing as the most preferred channel for the shoppers aged in between 20 to 45.

An online ticketing software allows you to ascertain brand consistency between the support channels. For example, the solution enables you to integrate client service interactions into a centralized platform. The consistency while messaging across all the client-facing email IDs makes sure that the business provides a robust personalized experience.

3. Boost The Self-service Experience

No matter whether it is about solving problems or purchasing a product/service, the contemporary clients look forward to quick satisfaction. As they receive the freedom to aid themselves at the time/place of their own convenience, the gratification rate increases. It has been observed that 65% of Americans prefer resolving basic service problems by deploying a self-service dashboard.

A helpdesk support tool provides clients the freedom to select between multiple self-service options, making the support procedure personalized and fast. Your previous client conversations can aid you to anticipate what the clients require before they turn up to you for help or support.

The software records all interactions and allows you to get the right content in the self-service portals, such as FAQs, help manuals, how-to guides, and serves as the best means for client service personalization.

4. Record Client Opinion and Feedback Centrally

The clients are sharing their valuable feedback via actions or words. So, when we talk about personalization and customer support strategies, there isn’t better way than asking the consumers directly. You can feel free and ask them how they liked your service and write down the points you need to improve based on their suggestions. Getting real-time feedback will aid you to realize client pain points.

A robust ticketing software solution enables you to share surveys post the termination of client service conversations. With these surveys you can capture client service quality from their viewpoint. By implementing the right application, you can monitor, store, and share client feedback and perk up the process to become a feedback-oriented business.

5. Automation Offers Your Agents More Time

Providing personal touch to each call/message is time-consuming. You can’t expect the customer service department to personalize interactions while they’re bombarded with infinite support tickets. In these cases, help desk automation application comes to your rescue and leads you some steps forward in turning a client-focused brand.

Rather than distributing the tickets manually, automation ensures that the right ticket is allocated to the correct person. Automated routing of the tickets can make wonders in handling overall work pressure on the agents/team members. Plus, you can prioritize the tickets based on the urgency level so they get resolved quickly. It saves your productive hours and improves morale to provide the best personalized client experience.


Each individual is different. You must drop the idea that one solution fits all business while considering customer service. Clients love personalization at the moment they think about the service and as they shift ahead in the journey and require support. Treat your customer as they are very special to you and watch them grant the business hold a special position in the market.

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