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New Recruitment Features Accelerate Business Processes

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Share the postThe gap between the hiring volumes and the recruitment budgets is constantly raising,…

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The gap between the hiring volumes and the recruitment budgets is constantly raising, HR professionals are being forced to work smarter to find the best possible talents available to them. HR software with robust recruitment features can help a lot in finding and on-boarding the right candidates.

Easy Access to Everyone: Years ago, recruitment was done over email, phone, and paper rather than occurring inside of the HR solution. Now, everything can be done within the application and everyone involved in the process will have the necessary access.

A manager can submit a request for requisition and it will be routed automatically to the online approvers. Once the HR manager approves and creates the request, the recruiters can source candidates and send an interview invitation to them via the application.

At any time anyone involved in the process can view the status of the requisition and nothing falls through the crack as the software solution allows for delegation.

Buddy Referrals: Sometimes, a company’s best candidate could be an internal one who is not aware that a perfect position is open. Referrals by existing employees are a rich source of candidates that are often neglected.

Existing employees often know peers in similar roles and industries. You can market the vacant positions through the application dashboard to existing staff in a similar role, location, and grade who can provide the best candidate for a fraction of the cost through a buddy referral bonus.

Social Media: Earlier, the HR team used to keep contact details of good employees who left the organization or interesting candidates who didn’t match any vacant position in a paper or on spreadsheets.

The latest HR software has the features to invite highly rated employees to submit their details into candidate files in case they would be interested in returning. Suitable candidates are extracted from social media and other sources and are a rich source of data mining when the right position is vacant.

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