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Proven Ways to Streamline Sales Processes with CRM Automation

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Why automate CRM is the most common question? Does it make your sales team more productive? Well, if this is in your mind, here are some ideas for automation that can give you better results while reducing workload.


Make sure web leads are contacted in minutes. According to an MIT study, contacting leads within five minutes increases the chances of conversion. So, how do you ensure the sales team follows-up every lead? Automation can help you with this:

• When the web form is filled, the details get registered in the CRM application

• CRM system automatically forwards the call to the next, until another sales agent is handling the request

• The representative receives the relevant customer details on their phone, so they can easily make a call when required

• With CRM software you ensure that every web lead is contacted when it is hot, without any delays

Automate Follow-up Calls on Email Campaigns

No matter what you are campaigning about – launching a new product, or demo, it is always challenging to make leads open your emails. Make sure your team follows-up calls to every client who opens their email. Here’s how they can do it:

• Email campaign reports can be seen in the CRM system

• You can select all contacts at once when opened in the email

• Push all the contacts in a click

• Dialers do the rest of the job; they ensure every lead is dialed and connected to a representative.

Don’t turn missed calls into missed leads

Incoming leads are captured round the clock. You may miss calls after work hours, during day-off or when lines are busy. By setting up the following workflow, you will never miss a lead:

• Your system gives you the number that goes unanswered with CRM data.

• For new lead calls, you can set up in such a way a new ticket is generated.

• Missed call alerts will be automatically sent to your inbox, and even the voice message will be sent to the mailbox.

Stay Connected

Sales representatives will often be on travel. Therefore, it is essential for them to stay connected. Their mobile devices should be configured to the CRM, so they can make calls and get alerts anytime.

Send Voice Message and Notifications on the Go

CRM System makes it easy to remind qualified leads about an approaching last date, payment due date or subscription renewal. You can use an IVR system to create a message and workflow that lets you broadcast to the contact list within the CRM system in a click.

Build Relationships with Sticky Agents

Sales representatives can contact leads whenever they want, but what if they prefer to call back? CRM system allows you to create a simple workflow, so whenever a lead calls in, they will be automatically connected to the assigned sales representative.

Essentially, smooth integration between your sales team and CRM system is highly essential to achieve desirable outcomes.

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