A Quick Checklist To Avoid Travel And Expense Management Software Pitfalls

A Quick Checklist To Avoid Travel And Expense Management Software Pitfalls

Today, user experience is the key to technological success. We start our day with a smartphone, checking emails and eating breakfast. Then, we drive our cars to work where we interact with machines all the day. Our computers, it’s what makes up most of our interactions; emails, video conferencing, research, administrative work, documents, the list seems endless. If an application is not intuitive, it will leave the user wondering why it is so difficult to navigate and use properly. Navigating this landscape everyday with an unpleasant or unappealing user design is a common frustration that when occurred, impedes employees the most.

As technology is evolving, the definition of usability is also advancing. We expect technology to do more and ease our day-to-day work. The more complex a service is, the more complex the interface must become. Also, we need to advance our technical skills to meet the growing requirements of businesses.

When you are considering travel and expense management software, usability is the primary concern for employees. Adopting a technology that simplifies the processes will help employees accomplish goals in less time, leaving them free to do their other work. Also, having the software that can streamline the processes will make it easy for employees to report expense claims.

Choosing a solution that truly meets your needs can make a difference. The following checklist can help ensure you get what you need out of the product you are purchasing:


Does the solution have all the features you need to meet your goals? Let us say, the OCR capture, to automatically read the information. Or Audit rules, to verify whether the claim is within corporate travel policy. And the mobile app to allow users to submit expenses as they happen. These are just a few of the features that may help meet the growing needs of your business. There is nothing worse than putting a product in place that doesn’t actually end up meet your business requirements.


Will the solution you choose to deliver what your business needs in two or more years from now? The solution you choose should be scalable to meet the growing needs of your business.


Mobility is the key feature of the solution. If the solution is not helping you make expense claims on the go, you will need to look for an alternative solution. The solution should go mobile to support modern workforce.


You want employees to use the product with minimum frustration, ensure that everything works fine beforehand to avoid later issues. Training has to be given to users based on the complexity of the solution, but the solution should be easy to navigate post-training. The solution should be user-friendly and intuitive; employees should not find it difficult to walk through.


Businesses need complete visibility into spending data to proactively manage budgets while also alleviating the scope for unaccounted costs.

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