Employee Engagement Programs are “After Sales Service”

Are your employees happy? There are different ways to keep your employees happy. It is your duty to reach out to them and hear them. It is not always possible to understand them through one-on-one sessions.

The HR department organizes various employee engagement programs to know their employees. A company can feel the ‘Voice of Employees’ through employee engagement programs.

Bring them closer

Get all employees together once a month by celebrating birthdays in office. Make employees who are born on a particular month cut cake and celebrate with colleagues. This will bring all employees closer and they will feel special as their company celebrated their special day.

Call it a Friday

Fridays are always special for employees and that is why organizations allow casual wear on that day. You can make it more special by employee engagement. Keep a quiz on every Friday for employees to participate. This will act as energy booster as it is said: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Inspire them

Inspired employees will work with passion and feel a deep connection with their organization. They are the ones who will drive the company forward. Keep a reward and recognition occasion where you will recognize hard working employees.  This will inspire them to do better in the coming days too.

Identify leaders

Identify tomorrow’s leaders through employee engagement programs. Once in a quarter arrange for games to be played by employees. Make sure the game is one which has a leader who will have to guide others to win. This way you can identify future leaders and increase team bonding in an organization.

For people working in the HR department, employee engagement keeps the wheel moving. It helps them create faithful employees. Engage your employees and keep them happy.

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