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Key Features and Integrations that Take the Hassle Out of Corporate T&E

Business travel has become a necessary part of corporate life for many organizations. Organizations should look to control costs and improve process speed, and are looking for solutions that streamline the expense reporting process and provide greater visibility. With its list of features and integrations, expense software does this and more.

Microsoft Dynamics GP:

The off-the-shelf integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP provides immediate synergies enabling a smooth expense management process from the go. This helps organizations increase employee productivity and streamlines expense reimbursement at a fraction of the cost. It allows the processing of T&E expense reports from the swipe of a business credit card to payment in Dynamics GP without manually entering in a single transaction.

Intuitive Mobile Applications:

Mobile employees are huge fans of efficient and user-friendly solutions that help them be productive on the go, and same is the case with approvers like managers and CFOs. Mobile capability brings in significant time and cost savings in the long-run. This efficient expense reporting system reduces the processing costs of expense reports as well as redundancy and overheads. The intuitive interface of the software makes it super easy to use, and employees can submit spend reports from anywhere on time, without getting frustrated.

Google Maps:

With the integration of Google maps, organizations can ensure that the mileage is calculated accurately and complies with business travel policy. It automates the calculation of mileage from an itinerary, stores routes, way-points, and mileage along with spend transactions for audit, and also simplifies mileage calculation for approvers.

In-built Reporting and Data Analytics:

With in-built reporting and data analytics, users can query spends, and run reports to slice-and-dice information. Customization option allows you to create reports per unique needs of the business.

SutiExpense, a robust expense reporting solution with all the above features offers smart ways to manage your expense reporting.