Why Mobility is Critical for Expense Management

Expense management is one of the organization’s crucial functions that require great mobile functionality. Expense management requires you to perform certain tasks while on the road such as capturing receipts, creating reports and so on. Therefore, mobile functionality can’t be ignored; in fact, it should be considered as an integral part of the expense management solution. Now that business travelers are ditching laptops for business trips, mobile applications have become unavoidable for modern expense applications.

Besides receipt capture, expense report creation, and expense report approval, mobile expense applications should also have other abilities to ease the job of all who involved in the expense management process. Let’s have a look at what expense management capabilities the solution should be able to offer when accessed from smartphones:

Mobile Integration with Booking Tools

Though most trips are booked in the office, sometimes employees need to change plans halfway of the trip such as extending or cut short the stay and so on. Although you can manage the changes from your smart phone, if it is not integrated with your expense solution, then it can complicate the process of updating the changes into expense report. It would be better if your employees can move booking and travel data seamlessly between the booking tool and expense reporting tools.

Full Access to Capabilities

Right from games to entertainment, most of us are habituated to rely on feature-rich applications and hence we expect the same from business applications too. Therefore, your expense solution should be able to deliver full functionality on any device, irrespective of operating system and the browser.

Mobile Payment Integration

Mobile applications that integrate with various payment gateways such as Google Wallet and Uber are quite successful in both personal and business travel. In addition to automatic payment, businesses should be able to set up their profiles to automatically send receipts along with road maps to their expense reports.