3 Reasons How Mobile App Simplifies Expense Reporting Process

There is a no doubt smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and other devices have become part of our life, so it is no surprise to see mobile applications taking off with business travelers. In turn, technology is driving the future of the market from travel bookings to expense reporting of your employees. With more people relying on mobile devices every day, here is how mobile technology continues to shape the business travelers experience in the years to come.

Credit or Phone

Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and other providers are making a significant mark in the mobile payments space. While technology is not widely accepted, the implications of mobile payments are not really exciting for business travelers. Today, the corporate card is the standard for convenience and transparency, but as more providers get on the platform, mobile payments will soon become the preferred choice for business travelers in the future.

Expense Management On the Go

Advancements in mobile-based expense reporting have made the traveler’s life easier. Capturing receipts electronically has changed the entire expense reporting workflow completely. More than that, today‚Äôs expense report software providers offer travel booking, approve expense reports remotely, integrated policy enforcement to automate compliance. In addition to this, third-party integrations will simplify the process even further.

Bookings Made Through App

Business travelers are increasingly using their smartphone to book trips, search for travel information and more. Corporate travelers increasingly are making bookings via app compared to those of leisure travelers. This means apps should be more closely integrated with corporate systems and third-party vendors, ultimately making mobile applications the preferred choice of bookings.

When it comes to business travel, time-saving is more important. Leveraging something like mobile tools will enhance productivity and improve travelers experience, giving companies more than a competitive edge.

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