The Hidden Benefits of Integrating Expense Software with HR Software

In an organization, whenever there is a change in the employee hierarchy, it is mandatory…

In an organization, whenever there is a change in the employee hierarchy, it is mandatory that you need to update it in the expense report software solution. You have to set up the employee data and configure the data each and every time when there is a change in the company. It seems like too much of work to do when you stick with spreadsheets.

Well, by integrating expense software with HR software, you can eliminate all such data work and save much of your time. And, you are no longer required to set time aside to configure your expense report software. Everything can be done with a single click. The integration brings all your employees, departments and projects all together into expense application.

Here’s how the integration can benefit your business:

Data Synchronization

Whenever there is a new employee or a change in the approval hierarchy, you won’t have to manually make the changes in expense application. Once the integration is done, all the changes will automatically get updated in real time, thus you are required to set only spending limits for individual employees.

Import Approval Hierarchy

Setting the approval flow again takes time. You have to make sure that all the employees report expenses to the right approver. With expense integration with HR application, you will have all the set up ready as all the reporting managers will automatically become approvers for their respective employees. However, you can customize the approval hierarchy as per your business requirement.

Know Where your Money is Flowing

It is better to know where you are spending much of your money. Make use of analytics and know how much was spent on each project, who spent the most and where exactly most of your spending is flowing. That’s what you require especially when you are trying to make decisions to control costs.

Therefore, the integration would help reduce much of your work while doing everything for you automatically.

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