Three Simple Steps To Cloud-Based Expense Report Adoption

Three Simple Steps To Cloud-Based Expense Report Adoption

So, you have made a decision and you are excited about the implementation. Moving to an automated solution can be scary and stressful. Switching from manual to cloud-based expense solutions can be a great start for your company. The automated solution will make your job easier, and cut down the training time. Let’s see how you can adapt to cloud-based software:


To choose an expense report solution, you should discuss with the IT, finance, and accounting departments about the changes and evolutions. It is very important to have the new structure and rules implemented strictly. Ensure all the information is available and ready to use: employees’ data, approval flow, credit card information, mileage rules, and reimbursement policies. It is important to ensure you know what is needed and who to contact. Mapping the processes will help communicate your needs to the provider and the teams responsible for deployment.

Clear Communication

Supplier communication should be transparent. Everyone involved should understand what’s happening, and have a clear vision about the process. Also, make sure the end users understand the concept of the new system to increase the chances of adoption. Tell the employees the reasons for this change and the benefits that the new system will bring to the employees. Ensure your employees are aware of the new rules and how to execute them before implementing the new system, so they get familiarized with the policies.

Conduct Training Sessions

In most companies, you will need to host learning sessions to ensure users know how to adopt this new tool.


With the expense report solution, employees will have very minimal work to submit expenses. Employees can just download the app and submit expense reports by just sitting in the lobby. This way you can ensure a great experience with the app and even employees with no much technical knowledge can edit and submit claims without frustration.

Administrators and Accounting Departments

Accounting departments have to be involved in making the decision about the software solution. Ensure that the administrators know the ins and outs of the solution. They should always be kept updated about the evolutions and new features of the solution.

When implementing a new expense report system, start with a pilot team. Choose a department that should use the platform first. The pilot team can help you alleviate the implementation issues, if any. Talk to your in-house team and make adjustments as per the feedback to ensure implementing the new system goes as smoothly as possible. Be prepared for the new system to give you greater visibility and improved efficiency in the long run.

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